Le moins cher des ongles imprimantes dans le monde entier! Fabrication à partir de 2004 en Chine. 

    Nantong Jingzhi Electronic Company Factory was the first speaking roses painter , nail art printer and flatbed printer in China.Our products are exported to over 35 countries and regions. To have a good cooperation, we can provide OEM and ODM for you to develop the market in your country, we will send you neutral machine without our logo. Also, we can put your logo in the software. Have a good cooperation. To do OEM for you need order at least 50 units once, we will give you wholesale price.

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Print nail, the nail printer last generation
Combining all the advantages of previous machines printing on nails, nail print offers print quality and an incomparable versatility. The rugged design of this printer combined with its progressive side make it a reliable and easily profitable investment
S07A model
Inkjet printer with built-in computer and touch screen + USB port + camera + memory card to print all types of designs on natural nails or capsules. Innovative design, Nail Printer Print is suitable for use in a beauty salon, salon.

The reference in print on nails
Nail print is a digital printer inkjet designed to print on all types of nails whether natural nails with gel, or resin capsules His latest printer ensures printing 5 nails at the same time with a very high print quality, allowing you to create all kinds of patterns from simple to more complex. With more than 2000 built-in designs and the ability to load new models, you will be pleased to offer a high quality service to your clients. A concentrate of technology
With a touch screen and an integrated computer, printer performance and print is Nail completely independent. Equipped with a dual-core processor and operating system Windows XP, nail print is at the forefront of technology.

France distributor OEM machine sell 3600US$ in france:

South Africa distributor OEM machine sell 2700US$ in france:

Comparer les prix: aux Etats-Unis S07A prix est de 3600 $, nous la vente de 1600 $
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5 couleurs de peinture sur ongles temps, ainsi que sur les ongles de pieds, mobiles, fleurs et articles décoratifs; Intelligent Identification (PC doivent être achetés par l'utilisateur).

Configuration PC:
Processeur Intel Celeron
1KMHz, 256 Mo de mémoire, au-dessus de 10 Go de disque dur, de deux ports USB Ports, un lecteur de CD-ROM,
English recommandons Windows XP avec SP2.

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